Philile Foundation

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About the Client

The Philile Foundation provides early childhood education programs, after-school programs, and skills development programs for underprivileged children and youth in South African townships.

Project Description

The Philile Foundation helps children in informal settlements and inner-city Johannesburg, South Africa break the cycle of poverty through education and skills development. They believe that quality early childhood education sets the foundation for future academic success and lifelong learning, while skills development provides critical developmental skills that serve children throughout their lives.

The foundation's new brand identity, inspired by its mission of empowering children and building a better future, features a stylized tree logo representing growth and development. Its bright and vibrant colors reflect optimism and hope.

The new website features a variety of content about the foundation's programs, success stories, and volunteer opportunities. Studio Tigris is excited to have partnered with the Philile Foundation on this important project, believing that the new brand identity and website will help the foundation reach a wider audience and achieve its mission.

Key insight:

40% of African children have never been taught how to read or write. This means less than 47 of every 100 African children do not even reach grade 12. Put another way, half of South Africa's future generation remain uneducated, stuck in a cycle of poverty. Life without basic education is a life without hope or opportunity. - The South African Department of Basic Education

The Philile Foundation's annual report design
The Philile Foundation's annual report design
The Philile Foundation's annual report design
A photograph of children supported by the Philile Foundation
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