Empowering social purpose brands to drive real impact.

Studio Tigris is a creative agency dedicated to helping social purpose brands stand out and thrive. We specialize in branding and web design, and empower social purpose organizations to connect with ideal audiences and drive meaningful impact.

Documents and cards with Stone & Sling branding on them
Philile Foundation Logo with child smiling in the background
Envelope and transparent paper with City Women branding applied
IJM brand artwork created by Studio Tigris
The Global Women's Leadership Academy logo in yellow with a purple background
an iPad with a webpage from the Unseen Pursuit website created by Studio Tigris
an iPad with a webpage from the Unseen Pursuit website created by Studio Tigris
Two green envelopes with Eden Maternity Branding applied
A billboard featuring The Global Women's Leadership Academy Branding
Notebooks with Flourish Consulting branding applied
A photograph of a child sitting on a wall.
Business cards with Alkimia Consulting branding applied to them.


Create a strong and memorable identity for your brand. We capture the essence of your work, and translate that into a brand that will resonate with your audience.


Create a user-friendly and visually appealing websites that captures attention and drives conversions.


We offer consulting , training, maintenance and white-labelling services. Contact us for further details.

Featured work

The King's Children's Home

The King's Children's Home is a non-profit organization that provides a safe haven for babies and young children who are victims of abandonment and abuse. They work to break the cycle of poverty and abuse by helping these children to find stable and loving homes.

Branding & Website

Philile Foundation

The Philile Foundation provides early childhood education programs, after-school programs, and skills development programs for underprivileged children and youth in South African townships.

Branding & Website

Injini EdTech

Injini is focused on improving education in Africa through entrepreneurship and innovation. They are an EdTech accelerator, supporting the growth of education technology startups. Their work has reached over 2.8 million learners and teachers across 12 African countries.


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