Injini EdTech


About the Client

Injini is focused on improving education in Africa through entrepreneurship and innovation. They are an EdTech accelerator, supporting the growth of education technology startups. Their work has reached over 2.8 million learners and teachers across 12 African countries.

Project Description

Overview: Studio Tigris collaborated with Injini to create a dynamic and engaging website that reflects their mission of improving education in Africa through innovation and entrepreneurship. Adhering to brand guidelines, we aimed to create a user-friendly interface that highlights Injini's impactful initiatives, supports their EdTech accelerator program, and emphasizes their extensive ecosystem development efforts. Ensuring user accessibility was a key consideration throughout the design process.

Outcome: The redesigned website reaches a broader audience and facilitating their mission to improve education across Africa.


UX/UI: Studio Tigris

Brand application: Studio Tigris

Website  Development: Studio Tigris

Branding created by:

Content provided by: Injini Africa

Key insight:

Injini Africa leverages localized research to inform and guide stakeholders in the education sector, ensuring that their innovations are both contextually relevant and highly impactful. This approach enhances the effectiveness of their EdTech accelerator and fosters a deeper understanding of educational challenges and opportunities within the African context.

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