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Flourish Coaching offers a curated, strengths-based coaching journey that helps people discover their innate talents and enables them to harness their strengths.

Project Description

Design Inspiration: The design of Flourish Coaching draws inspiration from the roots of a tree and the overflowing abundance of its fruit. This natural imagery serves as a powerful metaphor for personal growth and development. The roots symbolize the foundation of one's identity and strengths, while the fruits represent the positive impact that personal growth can have on relationships, work, and communities.

Strengths-Based Coaching: The core philosophy of Flourish Coaching is grounded in strengths-based coaching. This approach encourages individuals to introspect and identify their unique strengths and attributes (represented by the "roots"). It emphasizes using these strengths as a solid foundation for personal growth, which, in turn, brings vibrancy and positive change to various aspects of life (represented by the "fruit").

Visual Language: To visually communicate the diversity and richness of human growth and transformation, Flourish Coaching employs a range of textures. These textures serve as a visual language that represents the multifaceted nature of personal development. Each texture symbolizes different aspects of growth, change, and beauty.

Metaphorical Vibrancy: The textures in the design are not just decorative elements but metaphorical expressions of the brand's philosophy. They showcase the uniqueness and power of each individual's journey toward personal growth. Just as no two textures are alike, no two personal journeys are the same. The vibrancy of these textures reflects the dynamic nature of personal development.

Overall Impact: The design of Flourish Coaching serves as a powerful tool for conveying the brand's values and approach. It resonates with clients who seek not just coaching but a transformative journey. The visual elements reinforce the idea that personal growth can be diverse, beautiful, and enriching, much like the different textures in the design.

Key insight:

A study by the University of Michigan found that employees who participated in a strengths-based coaching program showed significant improvement in their performance reviews, higher levels of job satisfaction, higher levels of self-efficacy and were more likely to be promoted. [Source: University of Michigan, The Impact of Strengths-Based Coaching on Employee Performance, 2021]

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