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About the Client

Stone and Sling Leather Co. is a people-first, ethical leather brand. They empower and upskill artisans in South Africa and to create a space for the people that our society has forgotten about.

Project Description

The design philosophy behind the SSLC logo is not just about aesthetics but also about capturing the essence of the brand's values and the intricate connection between its products, resources, and creators.

Holistic Beauty: The statement, "For a product to be truly beautiful, the system it creates must be beautiful," underscores a profound understanding of design that goes beyond surface aesthetics. It emphasizes that true beauty is found in the harmony and integrity of the entire system. In the context of SSLC, this means that the beauty of their leather products is a reflection of the beauty of their entire process – from sourcing materials to supporting artisans.

Heart of the Brand: The logo's inspiration drawn from the brand's core mission - connecting resources and support back to the creators - demonstrates a brand with a strong sense of purpose. It visually represents the commitment to sustainability, ethical production, and empowering artisans. This alignment between design and purpose can resonate deeply with customers who value transparency and ethical practices.

Symbolism of the 'Double S' Shape: The 'double S' shape in the logo goes beyond being a mere visual element; it tells a story. It mirrors the movement of hand stitching, which conveys the organic, natural, and handcrafted nature of SSLC's products. This attention to detail reflects a commitment to quality and craftsmanship, enhancing the brand's appeal to those who appreciate artisanal work.

The Power of Connection: The belief that "we are all connected - intricately woven together, and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link" is not just a design principle but a profound statement about the interconnectedness of all aspects of SSLC's operations. It signifies that the brand recognizes the importance of every element in their supply chain and the impact it has on the final product. This holistic approach aligns with sustainability and social responsibility, which are increasingly valued by conscious consumers.

Key insight:

Stone and Sling Leather Co. places human welfare and ethical considerations at the forefront of their brand and operations, positively impacting the lives of the artisans in South Africa.

a brown leather bag called Amatola with pockets
a brown SSLC leather bag with a zipper
a brown SSLC leather bag called Sodwana with a handle
a group of SSLC business cards and papers
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